How do I duplicate sessions?



Once you have some sessions created, it's easy to duplicate them for future audition/interview days!


There are two ways to copy a session:

1. You can copy an individual session if a similar session is taking place later! Click on a session in your calendar to see more details, and then click the copy button at the top. The Session Editor will open so you can rename the session and change the date, and then click Create! You'll see your new session appear in the calendar.



2. You can also duplicate an entire day from your calendar! If you have an audition/interview day with a similar structure coming up, you can copy the entire day's sessions to more efficiently build your schedule. To do so, just click the copy button at the top of your calendar next to the date. In the screenshot below, this would copy both sessions on the 15th. You can then move them to the desired day!



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