What is new in Scheduling 2.0?




We're excited to release some new updates to our scheduling app inside of Acceptd! This article will layout the changes we've made and what to expect.




Almost all of the functionality that you may have been familiar with in Scheduling is still available, but it is now more streamlined. We've consolidated the tools you use so you can do more from one screen! You can read a summary of the major updates below:

  • New calendar view!
  • Scheduling Groups are now renamed Schedules which you can color code to easily organize your schedule
  • Create new Sessions by just clicking and dragging inside of the calendar
  • Double click on a session to edit your session detail
  • New timezone view allows you to easily switch between time zones by selecting from a dropdown
  • Easily message scheduled applicants from your session details!

The options in the Schedule dropdown at the top of your screen have updated as well to reflect the new consolidated functions, you can learn more about this menu below:





Schedule: Account Owners and Program Managers can view their calendar here. You can also create schedules, sessions, assign adjudicators, and assign notifications. This is also where you'll schedule applicants.

Notifications: Account Owners and Program Managers can manage their scheduling notifications here.

AuditionRoom: This remains largely unchanged, this is where you'll manage your rooms & lobbies, as well as join your live-virtual events.

My Agenda: Reviewers can see any sessions they are assigned to here


We're excited to share this newly refreshed product with you! If you have any questions as you explore Scheduling 2.0 or if you'd like to learn more about using the Scheduling app on your Acceptd account, the Account Relations team is here to assist you: accountrelations@getacceptd.com



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