AuditionRoom Updates for 2021-2022



The purpose of this guide is to provide a list of the updates made to AuditionRoom for the 2021-2022 application & audition cycle. AuditionRoom will function very similarly to how it did last year! The updates focus primarily on lead adjudicator assignment & recording management.



When creating a new room, you now have the option to turn recording on or off for that room. By default, meetings are recorded.  Simply uncheck the box if you would like the meeting not to be recorded!


Another update when managing your Rooms is the ability to change the Lead Adjudicator in real-time. Previously, once the room had started, you were unable to change lead adjudicators. You now have the ability to change lead adjudicators at any time, which will also update the user allocation within Zoom. Keep in mind that they must already be an adjudicator or you won't be able to make the switch!



The last major update affects the View Recording page. If you would like to delete a recording, you now have access to do so! Just hit the trashcan icon above the recording dropdown. If you delete a recording, it cannot be recovered.


Additionally, you can now easily find individual applicant recordings based on their timestamp.



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