Setting Up an AuditionRoom Test




We strongly recommend that you conduct a test run of AuditionRoom 1-2 weeks before your first audition day. AuditionRoom is easy to use, but being set up and familiar with it in advance will help your auditions go smoothly for your staff and applicants.


1. Schedule a Test Date and Time

  • Find 30 minutes when your team can assemble virtually to participate in an AuditionRoom Test.
  • Ask all participants to make sure that they have the latest Zoom client installed prior to the Test.

2. Set up a Test Group and Test Session in your Schedule

  • Test Group
      • Navigate to Schedule and select Scheduling Groups from the dropdown menu
      • Click Add +, name the group Test, and click Create Group
  • Test Session
      • Navigate to Schedule and select Sessions from the dropdown menu
      • Click Add +, fill in the details noted below, and click Create Session



3. Create Test Applicants and Submit Test Applications

  • Choose which of your programs you will be using for your test run
  • If that program has an associated cost (applicants are charged to apply), reach out to the Account Relations team ( and request coupon codes to bypass the cost for your test applicants
  • Navigate to Programs and select Test Applicants from the dropdown menu
  • Click + Add a test applicant 
  • Copy and paste the username and password that is generated. You will need to pass this login information on to those who will be playing the role of your test applicants during your Test
  • Click Open test applications for this test applicant..., select the application of the program that will be using, and click Create Applications
  • Click Login as this test applicant... and then Continue on the application
  • Fill out and submit the application with the coupon code provided by the Account Relations team
  • Repeat these steps until you have 3 to 5 test applications submitted

4. Add Test Applicants to Test Session

  • Navigate to Schedule and select My Schedule from the dropdown menu
  • Find the Test group and click the + button to expand the schedule
  • Click on an available timeslot and select one of your test applicants from the dropdown menu
  • Repeat until all test applicants have been scheduled

5. Create Test Lobby

6. Create Test Room


When you're ready to conduct your AuditionRoom Test, please visit our guide here!


If you need any assistance with this process, please email the Account Relations Team at




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