How do I search for my target audience?

With over 400 thousand artists in the Recruitment Network, you will want to apply filters to find your ideal artists.

  • Create filters in the List View or Table View.
  • The more you filter, the more specific your pool of recruits will be. However, each artist is only required to provide their date of birth, area of interest and location, so keep this in mind when filtering. If adding filters greatly decreases your pool of recruits, remove filters until you achieve your desired results. 
  • Always start with “Date of Birth” or “Age” and “Area of Interest”.
  • Once you select one or more options for “Area of Interest”, more specific filters will appear. For example:
    • Select Area of Interest


    • Filter interests further via the dropdowns. We recommend beginning with Theatre Interests.


  • You can filter by many different categories including instrument/voice type, years of training, GPA, SAT score, zip code, and so much more!


**NOTE: If you would like to save your search, see How do I save a search?


See this info in the video walkthrough.


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