Organization Menu (Account Owners)






Our new Organization menu gives Account Owners easy access to settings and features that affect the organization as a whole. Click on a link below to learn more about that page or table!

Note: available menu options may vary by user.

  • Organization Settings: Essential settings for your organization, including your display name, organization type, application goal, and contact information for security and billing.
  • Landing Page: From this screen, you can edit all elements of your landing page, including photos, location, social media links, welcome message, and the featured YouTube video.
  • Users: From the Users table, you can easily add and remove users from your account, assign permissions, and send forgot password emails.
  • Reporting: The Reporting page is a great place to see a snapshot of your submission activity, decisions, and progress towards your submission goal!
  • FTPSetup: This screen allows you to create FTP Connections for data exports.
  • Enable Stripe Connect: For organizations collecting fees using Stripe Connect, this screen allows you to connect your Stripe account to Acceptd.



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