Conducting an AuditionRoom Test




We strongly recommend that you conduct a test run of AuditionRoom before any actual audition days. AuditionRoom is easy to use, but being set up and familiar with it in advance will help your auditions go smoothly for your staff and applicants.


The steps we recommend to conduct a test run:

SETUP (to be done in advance):

  1. Find a day and time when your team can assemble virtually to participate in the test run.
    • Ask them all to make sure they have the latest Zoom client installed.
      • If they have Zoom already, open it and Check for Updates.
      • If they don’t have it installed, they should get it here.
    • Consider sending them User Guides located here.
  2. Choose a program for the test run. It can be a real program, this test won’t negatively impact it.
  3. If your program has a cost (applicants are charged to apply), reach out to the Account Relations team ( and request coupons to bypass the cost for your test.
  4. In Schedule > Sessions, add a session for the date and time of the test.
    • Set all the adjudicators you would like to have participate.
    • Set all other values the same as how your sessions run in real life.
    • Set the Group to a TEST group. You can create one by going to Schedule > Scheduling Groups > Add.
  5. Setup test applicants:
    • Go to Programs > Test Applicants and add roughly 3-5 test users.
        • * Important Note: Make sure to copy and paste the username and password and save outside of Acceptd after creating each test applicant. You will need to pass this login information on to the people playing the role of your test applicants for them to log in. Acceptd cannot retrieve the login information after a test applicant account has been created. 
    • Open test application for all test users, for the program chosen above.
    • Login as the test users and complete the application (this can take some time!).
  6. In Schedule > My Schedule, add the test users to the test Session.
  7. Optional: If you will be using Ambassadors for your auditions and want to include them in the test run, add those ambassador user accounts:
    • Do this in Organization > Users > + Add  - select permission level Ambassador
      • (Note that if your ambassadors already have accounts in Accept (whether Reviewer/Program Manager/Account Owner) they can already be ambassadors for AuditionRoom).
  8. In AuditionRoom, create a lobby for the same day and time as your test Session.
  9. In AuditionRoom, add a room and select your test session and Lead Adjudicator.



If you enabled a Lobby meeting session and want to test that:

  1. Have the Lobby Host go to the lobby and start the video session.
  2. Everyone else that is part of the lobby or room can now join the lobby meeting.
    • This includes the test applicant accounts. To join as an applicant, login as the test applicant (from Programs > Test Applicants), navigate to Schedule > Agenda, and join).
  3. Notice that your Lobby Host has many Zoom features enabled if needed. It is best practice to set one or more Co-Hosts in Zoom in case your main host drops off for any reason.
  4. Notice that the chat features are now accessible by your applicants (via the help request) and by all staff:
    • Lobby announcements
    • Help requests from applicants which go to ambassadors and moderators
    • Direct chat between staff and with applicants



  1. Have all staff who are part of the room join it.
    • After joining, everyone should see the room schedule.
  2. Have the Lead Adjudicator start the room video .
  3. Have all adjudicators join the room video.
  4. Have the Lead Adjudicator start auditions / open the waiting room.
  5. Login as the first test applicant (go to Programs > Test Applicants).
    1. Go to Schedule > Agenda and join the audition
    2. Click Join Waiting Room in the top right corner
  6. From this point on, auditions proceed. You can keep logging in as the next test applicant as desired.
  7. Some things to point out to staff:
    • Private adjudicator chat (bottom right corner)
    • On the left, start a chat with any staff member or moderator or ambassador.
    • Having the room schedule and the Zoom meeting up either split-screen or on two different screens is a nice way to keep it organized.
    • The Lead Adjudicator or a Moderator can move applicants around in the schedule (click the … (dots)).
    • Everyone can access the applicants’ other information with the links in the schedule.
    • Chat features:
      • Private adjudicator chat (bottom right corner)
      • On the left, start a chat with any staff member or moderator or ambassador
  8. Conclude the test whenever you’re comfortable.
  9. Note that all auditions are recorded and those recordings become available a few hours after auditions have completed. They are accessed from the main AuditionRoom screen.


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