How do I edit an application on behalf of an applicant?

Account Owners and Program Managers have access to edit submitted applications. 

1) Have the applicant send you their updates and additional media in a message via Acceptd.

2) Click on the specific application you need to edit in your submissions table.

3) Navigate to the "Application" tab in the top menu.

4) From here, click the "Edit Application" button in the upper right corner of the page.


5) You are now able to edit any of the application fields, including replacing media.


6) To add or edit media, click the media thumbnail or plus icon above "Click here to attach media." Any media that the applicant has sent you via messaging, will be available for you to attach. If the applicant sent you media via email, you can upload the file(s) from your computer.

7) When you are finished making your edits, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.

Please note: If an applicant sent you a message through Acceptd with media (documents, audio files, video files, images) attached to the message, those files will automatically show in the applicant's Media tab of the application. You do not need to reattach them to the application if you do not wish to do so. 

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