How does Waitlist work in Scheduling?


Using the Waitlist feature is useful if their preferred session is full and this gives the opportunity for applicants to signal that they would like a slot should one open up!


Allowing for waitlist on your sessions can be enabled or disabled from the Manage Sessions table. By enabling waitlist, applicants invited to a group can put themselves on the waitlist for any of the sessions. We recommend that applicants still select a slot in another session in case their preferred times do not become available. You can check the last box in the Session Editor to enable the waitlist.Screen_Shot_2021-06-09_at_1.59.21_PM.png


Example: Blake Reese has put himself on the waitlist for the Nov. 21 session. There are now 3 available slots, so an Account Owner could then schedule Blake Reese for his preferred slot.



Note: Applicants can only be put on a waitlist by the session and not by the group.


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