How do I invite applicants to schedule themselves?


Some organizations like to schedule the applicants themselves. However, if you'd prefer for the applicants to select their own slots in the schedule, you can invite them to the Group in several ways. If you want to automatically invite them upon submission, you can assign programs from the Scheduling Groups table. If you are not inviting automatically, there are two options to manually invite applicants to the schedule.


OPTION 1: Inviting from the Submissions Table

Inviting/assigning applicants from the submissions table is a great way to invite multiple applicants at once.

From your main submissions table, check the box next to the applicant(s) you want to invite to schedule. Then, click Group Actions and select Schedule from the dropdown menu.


In the new window that appears, you can assign assign them to the group that they should have access to.

Once an applicant is assigned to a group, if you've setup an "invited" notification, they will receive a notification letting them know they login and select their timeslot. If you do not have that notification set up, you will need to message the applicant with these instructions.



OPTION 2: Inviting from the Application View

From the individual application view for each applicant, navigate to the Scheduling tab and click the green Schedule button. From there, you will follow the same steps as above using the dropdowns to assign the applicant to a specific Group.


Note: Inviting applicants in the individual application view, only assigns one applicant at a time.


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