How do I create a Group and Session?

Note: if this is your first time using the schedule app, we recommend getting in touch with the Account Relations team to assist you:

First, create a Group to house your Sessions under. Navigate to "Scheduling" and "Appointment Groups” in the menu. From here, click on "Add+" to title and create a new Group.

To create a new Session, navigate to "Scheduling" and "Appointment Sessions." Next click "Add+" to open up the Session create modal.

  1. Create Session name (keep your sessions names unique so you can track them later)
  2. A description can be added, which will appear to the applicants in the schedule.
  3. Select the Group that this session belongs to
  4. Adjudicators should be assigned here if you want them to be able to view the schedule.
  5. Include the Location of the audition/interview/other (such as address or room number)
  6. Select your Session Start Time, by date and time. This should be the time of the first audition/interview slot (i.e. 3/10/2016 9:00am).
  7. Select your Session End Time, by date and time. This should be the time that your last audition/interview ends (i.e. 3/10/2016 9:00am).
  8. Display Timezone should be set to the timezone the session is taking place in.
  9. The Open Date is when applicants can start selecting their timeslots. If you are scheduling applicants, this should be the date that you want them to view the schedule.
  10. The Close Date is the day applicants can no longer make changes to their schedule. If you are scheduling for the applicants, set the close date the same as the open date.
  11. If you set a Release Schedule Date, scheduled and invited applicants will not be able to view the schedule until this date. 
  12. The Duration of each slot is set in minutes. For block auditions, set the slot time to the total length of the audition.
  13. Set the time for the breaks between each Timeslot. For no breaks, set this to zero (0).
  14. The Simultaneous Timeslots number should be set to number of applicants who can see at one time. Or if you have more than one room running for each slot, you can increase the number. For block auditions, set this number to total you can take for each block.
  15. If enabled, Allow Self-Removal, allows applicants to remove themselves from the appointment group without approval from the organization.
  16. If you want to allow students to put themselves on a Waitlist because a session is full, check "Enable Waitlist." This is just a holding pen; applicants need to be manually scheduled if slots open.

Note: We recommend double-checking your sessions by heading over to "My Schedule."


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