What are the Recommendation Buttons?


The Recommendation Buttons are the large Yes, Maybe, and No buttons at the top each submission. These are helpful in tallying current & final decisions for your applicants!


The Recommendation Buttons are optional and can be enabled or disabled for each program. These buttons are a way for Reviewers to offer their final recommendation for each applicant. 



You can customize the text of the buttons to better fit your rating style. For example, you may decide to label them “Accept,” “Waitlist” and “Reject” instead of yes, maybe, and no.

In addition to the average rating for each applicant, the Recommendations give you a quick way to see the overall results of the adjudication. You will see a count for each recommendation under the Overview tab in the application.


You can also add these counts as columns to your Submissions table (more information on adding columns here).




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