How does Assignment Type work?


There are two assignment types available for your programs: 


By default, any Reviewer assigned to a specific program will automatically be able to see any application that gets to submitted to the program. For more information on assigning programs: How do I assign programs to my users?


Manual Assignment

Manual Assignment means that all applications for the given program must be assigned to the correct Reviewers by hand. This assignment type is helpful if your Reviewers are assigned based on specific answers within the application. 

To manually assign an application (or multiple applications) to one or more Reviewers, select the checkboxes in the table next to each application and click the green Group Actions button that appears at the bottom of the page. Then select Assign.




A new window will appear where you can select the Reviewer(s) and then click the Save button at the bottom.



Now, these Reviewers can log in and see the applications they've been assigned to. If reviewers have their email notifications turned on, they will receive one email digesting the submissions available for their review!


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