How do I unassign users from programs?

There are two ways to remove or unassign users from programs.

Using the Program Modal

Under "Manage Organization" and "Programs" you can select the programs you want to remove the user from by checking the boxes in each row and clicking the orange "Edit Programs" button that appears.

In the Program Modal that appears, navigate to the "Users" tab at the top. From here you can see the users assigned to this program. To remove a user from all selected programs, click the blue remove icon next to their names.


The number (2) next to the user shows the number of programs that the user will be removed from.

Note: the user will only be removed from the programs that are currently selected.


Using the User's Table

1. Navigate to "Manage Organization" and "Users."

2. Select the users that you want to remove access/unassign from programs. 

3. Click the orange “Assign Programs” button that populates.


4. Uncheck all boxes so that these users are not assigned to any programs. Be sure to click the green “Save Assignment(s)” button to save.


5. These users are still a part of your organization but do not have access to review any applications.

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