How do I assign programs to my users?

Account Owners can automatically see all programs and applications. However, Program Managers and Reviewers must be assigned in order to give them access.

There are two ways to assign programs.

Using the Program Modal

If you created your users from the Programs Table, using the Program Modal, your users are automatically assigned to the programs they were created under. 

You can also assign previously created users to the program using the Program Modal, by navigating to "Pick from a List" and adding the users. 

Using the User's Table

1. Navigate the to "Manage Organization" and "Users" in the left-hand menu.

2. Select the users that you want to assign to programs.

3. Click the green “Group Actions” button that populates towards the bottom left-hand side of your screen then click "Assign Programs".

4. Check all boxes next to the programs this user should be assigned to. Be sure to click the green “Save Assignment(s)” button to save.



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