How do I use the timeslot table?

Under “Scheduling” and “Timeslots” you can manage, track, and sort your schedule and timeslots. Think of the Timeslot table as the spreadsheet you’ve used in the past to organize your schedule.

To filter down your auditions:

  1. Use the “Session Slot Type” column to select “Scheduled
  2. Select the Session that you would like to view.
  3. Sort the start time ascending to view your auditions or interviews in order.

When you’re ready you can export the table OR save the view to return to later.


Messaging from Timeslots

The Timeslot table also allows you to send messages to applicants manually if you haven’t setup automatic notifications. Similar to the Submissions table, simply check the box next to the names of the applicants you’re messaging and then click the orange “Message” button. You’ll notice that in the messaging window, that there are template fields to insert, for example, the start time of their audition.

To help you setup and manage your schedule, contact

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