How do I setup automatic scheduling notifications?


The first step to setting up applicant notifications is to create your message templates. Navigate to Schedule and Applicant Notifications and click on the button Message Templates.

There are several template variables that you can use specific to scheduling that will populate with the information specific to the applicant: Session Scheduling End Date, Group Name, Session Name, Slot Date/Time, Session Location, Session Scheduling Open Date, Session Start Time, and Scheduling Link.

Once you’ve created your message, click on Save as Template to name the message.

Next, back in the notifications table, click the Add + button. Here you can name your notification, select a condition, and assign a message template. The available conditions that "trigger" pre-determined notifications to get sent out to applicants can be viewed in the guide: What are the different notification conditions?

By default, if an applicant replies to a scheduling notification email/message, all account owners will receive the reply via email. To setup one or more users to manage all replies, check the box next to the notification and click the orange "Assign" button. The selected users will now appear in the "Notify Users" column.


IMPORTANT: The final step is to assign the notifications to sessions. From the Sessions table, check the box next to the session(s) you want to assign the notification, navigate to Group Actions, and select Assign Notifications from the menu.


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